SEP 25, 2013

Why do businesses use bridging loans?

So why are more and more businesses looking to bridging loans to help them acquire the funds they need to grow their business and make investments in their future?

Let’s take a look at why they’re so popular.

Application is simple

Unlike more standard business loans, bridging loans don’t have a complicated application process. They’re very easy to arrange, they don’t require many details, and the process doesn’t take longer than a few minutes to complete.

They’re an effective short term solution

Bridging loans aren’t like regular loans. They’re there to cover pressing short term financial needs.

They’re there to offer financial aid in situations where funds are only temporarily unavailable.

Bridging loans help streamline the process of business transactions, and allow you to make important decisions without having to wait until a more long term financial solution presents itself.

They’re flexible

Each business will be assessed on an individual basis, and the amount of money that each business can take out is flexible.

Here at Bridgebee you’re eligible to receive up to 80% of the equity that’s generated in the transaction.

Approval and access to money is fast

Which is great news for businesses, since transactions may otherwise collapse if sufficient funds aren’t immediately available.

The loan will only take a few days to complete, and one the terms have been laid out and agreed upon, you’re granted access to the borrowed money extremely quickly.

They’re a good alternative to high street bank loans

As banks have distanced themselves from speculative business investments, bridging loans have become a far more viable option for smaller businesses looking to grow and move on to the next level.

Created on 25th September 2013
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