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What is Bridging Finance

Bridging finance "bridges" the long gap from the time your property is sold till the time it is registered into the new buyer's name. As of the slow nature of the transfer of the property, parties involved in the transaction are left frustrated and short of cash as their money is tied up in the property transaction.

Our bridging finance solutions help you gain access to these funds that may only be due to you at a future date. A client uses Bridging Finance to turn profits, commission or equity on a property transaction into cash, without the hassles normally associated with traditional forms of borrowing such as bank loans.

We offer the following types of bridging finance products:

  1. Seller's equity bridging finance- The registration of transfer can take 3 months or more !! This means your money will be tied up until transfer of the property has occurred. Why not apply for bridging finance and unlock some of the equity that is in your property TODAY.
  2. Estate agents commission bridging finance- The commission that is due to you will only be paid at the completion on the transfer. We can advance some of your commission that is due to you today.
  3. Rates and Taxes- We can advance the amount owed for rates and taxes and alleviate this financial stress from you.
  4. Further bonds- If you are applying for a second or further bond,you may require the funds while awaiting the registration of the further bond. This type of bridging finance is perfect for renovations and improvements to the home.