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Q) Why would I use Bridge bee
A) Bridge bee enables you to receive your money when it is needed most at an affordable rate.There is no need to wait for money that is owed to you. The process is simple, convenient and hassle free and can be done from the comfort of your computer.

Q) What is the maximum I can receive?
A) Each deal is assessed individually. As a general rule, we will allow a client up to 80% of the equity generated in the transaction.

Q) How do I receive the payment?
A) The funds are electronically transferred into the nominated bank account of the customer.

Q) How long before I receive my money?
A) At Bridge Bee we strive for efficiency and convenience, so as soon as all the due diligence has been completed and the deal has been approved we will pay out the money due to you.

Q) What can I use the money for?
A) The money can be used at the client's discretion.

Q) Can the money I owe be repaid at an earlier stage?
A) Yes, if you wish to settle your debt early please contact us on 0100 200 999 and our staff will assist you. Alternatively use the client zone to send us an email stating you would like to settle your loan with us.

Q) When and how will the money owed be repaid?
A) The customer has no involvement in the repayment and therefore no further burden. We arrange the repayment with the nominated. conveyancing attorneys.

Q) What happens if Bridge Bee is not settled?
A) The customer is responsible for settling Bridge Bee if the deal does not materialize. We suggest the client contacts us immediately in order to inform us of the situation. We will then arrange a payment plan with the client.

Q) How do I get started?
A) Once you register as a user on the site, you can instantly apply for bridging finance all online.

Q) How much will it cost?
A) The Finance Charge is calculated at the rate of roughly 3% per month, 99 Cents per R 1000.00 per day, calculated from the date on which the advance was made till the date of settlement. An Initiation Fee of 2% of the amount will be charged. The maximum initiation fee charged is R1000. All our rates are fall within the prescribed rates as per the National Credit Act.
Simply apply through the "client zone" and let us sort out your financial needs.

Q)I was interrupted whilst applying for a new loan?
A) All details that you had already entered while applying are saved under "my summary "in the client zone and you can click continue to carry on the application.

Q) I have changed my bank details and wish to use a new account
A) You can edit your personal details in the client zone under my details